Finnish Amoy and Varia cooperating: an innovative training program for automotive painting


The official R-M paint importer in Finland, Amoy, and Vantaa Vocational College Varia are building an innovative training program for future automotive painters. The mutual goal is to inspire more students in the growing industry and motivate them for timely graduation and employment. 

”As a company, we can transform the education more working life based and, hence, bridge the gap between college and working life,” says Jari Winqvist, CEO of Amoy. 

The modern facilities meet the quality standards of real-life business needs and will be built on Amoy’s premises. The experienced professionals of Amoy will participate in the training and provide students with their latest knowledge and expertise. 

“The students learn the same techniques and products they will need later in their careers. We believe that this is truly inspiring for them. Moreover, all parties benefit when graduates have the latest knowledge and understanding of the demands of professional life”, adds Lauri Toivonen, COO of Amoy. 

First time in Finland’s education history, a private-owned company is participating in building the facilities, co-creating a curriculum, and arranging the training. Winqvist wishes to see a similar model generalizing in other industries, too.

”Finland is a global forerunner in education. Learning institutes and companies need more comprehensive cooperation to bridge the skills gap. There is a constant need for professionals in the developing and growing automotive painting industry.”

Amoy, a Finnish pioneer in automotive painting, is passionate about providing its partners with the most sustainable and high-performing solutions. Since 2014 the company has specialized in importing, retailing, and training R-M products and building car paint shops.