Future automotive painters start training in brand-new premises built by Amoy


Vantaa Vocational College Varia and Amoy, a company specializing in premium automotive painting products and training, are introducing the first students to their brand-new training program. Future automotive painters started their basic studies in car damage repair in the autumn of 2022 and will specialize in painting in January 2023. 

Amoy is finalizing the premises it has built for the college. On top of the modern training center, the company provides the newest products and methods for students. Both teachers and students have welcomed the working life-oriented training program with enthusiasm. 

“We have taught car damage repair for ages but lacked the automotive painting part. Now we can carry out the full workshop chain, which motivates the students”, says Timo Vihavainen, Varia’s teacher in car damage repair.


The students visiting the new premises in December 2022

Automotive painting studies attract students with various backgrounds: comprehensive school, high school, or another profession. The length of studies depends on the knowledge students have acquired earlier. Graduation takes approximately 2–3 years.


Students Julianna Elo and Saara Niemi


An automotive painter can work, for example, in car dealerships, paint shops, damage repair workshops, or as an entrepreneur in the automotive industry. What appeals to young adults in the profession is the ability to leave one’s imprint. Saara Niemi, 27, is a career switcher who graduated as a practical nurse and then returned to her passion for cars. 

“Having studied auto mechanics, I have always been interested in cars. So being able to see my imprint is fascinating. I also plan on studying damage repair, so working in a smaller company that provides damage repair services would be ideal.” 

19-year-old Julianna Elo chose to study in high school because she was unclear of her professional desires after comprehensive school. She learned about automotive painting online.

“Working with my hands is appealing, and I took many art courses in high school. My previous studies have been useful as I got to do my first practical training during the first autumn.” 


Students Dino Floman and Rasmus Raig


Dino Floman, 16, and Rasmus Raig, 19, also look forward to starting their automotive painting studies. They have both been fascinated by cars since childhood, so graduating in a high-demand field is a good choice.  

Ten students start within the first group. Vihavainen assesses that by next fall, the number will double. 

”Varia has great equipment and teachers. Furthermore, the school’s location is excellent for transportation and we are surrounded by car dealerships. In addition, the new premises and the engagement with Amoy’s professionals are attracting students. Lastly, there is a shortage of automotive painters”, says Vihavainen.