AMOY Training Hub – Global innovation center for automotive painting

AMOY Training Hub, located in Vantaa, Finland, is an innovation center aiming to increase collaboration, innovation, and the flow of information in automotive painting. The modern premises support the education and development of companies and vocational institutions.

International training

AMOY Training Hub is the most modern innovation center of the Nordics, which is used for training by BASF R-M’s customers, among others. Training for R-M technicians and customers from the Nordic and Baltic countries is organized in Amoy’s new premises.

AMOY Training Hub is owned by Finnish Amoy, a pioneer in automotive painting passionate about providing its partners with the most sustainable and high-performing solutions. Since 2014 the company has specialized in importing, retailing, and training R-M products and designing and building car paint shops.

With its global innovation center, Amoy aims to promote the cooperation and sharing of information between industry players to develop innovations.



Vocational collaboration

One of AMOY Training Hub’s goals is to increase the automotive painting workforce and ensure that the quality of education meets the constantly changing work-life needs. Hence, the training center provides the premises, the latest knowledge, and products for Vantaa Vocational College Varia students.

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