Amoy partners up with Italian spray booth manufacturer, POLIN-AC

Amoy is proud to announce its new partnership with POLIN-AC, enhancing its spray booth offerings and delivering even more customized solutions to its customers. With products designed and crafted in Italy, POLIN-AC also provides comprehensive training, ensuring superior quality and expertise.


POLIN-AC is the result of a synergy between POLIN, a company that has been producing spray booths since 1940, and ARIA-C, an energy-conscious company that has been designing and producing ventilation and heating systems for the automotive refinishing sector since 2005. 

POLIN-AC is ambitiously expanding its reach to Finland and all other European countries as part of its mission to become the world’s leading spray booth producer. The company stands out from its competitors by offering flexible services tailored to customer needs. POLIN-AC is excited to venture into the Finnish market alongside Amoy, a company sharing similar characteristics and demonstrating a strong presence in the industry.

Enrico Avanzi, from POLIN-AC’s Export Sales Department, notes,

”Amoy operates with a mindset akin to ours, always thinking outside the box. Together, we can deliver customized solutions, assisting small body shops and large car producers in achieving greater operational efficiency, enhanced quality, and improved maintenance control.”

Amoy’s CEO, Jari Winqvist, appreciates POLIN-AC’s comprehensive approach, offering everything from product supply to installation, training, and ongoing support.

”We selectively partner with top-tier brands, ensuring the highest quality for our customers,” notes Winqvist. ”POLIN-AC embodies ambition and excellence, coupled with a humble attitude. I am confident that our collaboration will be a success, as we have already completed a project together.”